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Job Hallett

(1881? - ????)

Job was born to parents John and Annie Hallett (nee Dowden) in 1881. There is some conflict over where he was born, as his parents were in Tonypandy in April 1881 and yety his birth was registered in Bridgwater in the final quarter of 1881 (ref 5c 388).

Certainly sometime before December 1884, Job and his family moved to Bridgwater in Somerset. This is evidenced by the baptism of Annie Louisa, the third child of John and Annie Hallett. At the time of the baptism the family were living at Bath Road Place Bridgwater.

In 1888 the family were living at 26 Wellington Place, Bridgwater.

The 1891 census places Job with he parents and four siblings at 32 Wellington Place Bridgwater. Job was recorded as a nine year old scholar and his father was working as a labourer at the local gas works. The baptism of a further child in August 1891 suggests that the family had moved to 24 Wellington Road.

By 1896, the family had moved to 8 Wellington place. A further moved occurred and in October 1898 they were living at 82 St John Street.

The year 1900 was to change the fortunes of Job's parents. The brother of his grandfather had emigrated to America in the 1850's, setting up home in Toledo, Ohio. He accumulated substantial sums of money and owned a number of properties.

'Toledo John' died on 13 November 1899, and after making a number of specific provisions to friends, he bequeathed the balance of his estate to his sister and nieces and nephews including Job's father.

The 1901 census places Job at '23 Queens Street', Bridgwater, along with his wife Selina. Both are shown as 20 years old and Job has an occupation of wagon sheet repairer. Job's parents, six sisters and two brothers were living at Cruffs Cottage, Liberty Place, St John St.

A baptism record was found indicating that Job and Selina had a son, also named Job who was born on 28 September 1906 and baptised 19 October 1906. The family were still living at '23 Queen Street' and Job was employed as a labourer. Selina is recorded as Selina Jane

Further information about Job will be added at a later date.