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Rosa Maria Gould

(1876 - 1965)

Rosa Maria Gould was the eldest child of John and Harriet Gould. She was born in Kings Brompton in Somerset on the 2nd of October 1876 when the family were living in 'Rock Town', Kings Brompton.

She was admitted to Kings Brompton National School on 30th June 1879, having previously attended a dame school.

The next official mention of her was in the Census of 1881 when she was shown to be living with her maternal grandparents William and Maria Sydenham at 'Upper Town', Brompton Regis (Kings Brompton).

Rosa Maria is known to have remained in Brompton Regis to finish her schooling when her parents, brothers Ernest William and George Henry and sisters Lilian and Louisa Jane moved to Pontypridd, South Wales in October 1887. (The school records at Brompton Regis show that younger sister Lilian was removed on 7th October 1887 and the school records for Coedpenmaen Junior School, Pontypridd show that Ernest William and George Henry were admitted on 10th October 1887).

The following entry was found in the school records for Kings Brompton:

Monday 25 June 1888 "School prize examination Sydney Rudd and Rosa Gould commended, Mary Howe passed. Marks of each 168, 153.5 and 122 so that average mark is 443.5 / 3 = 147. Average mark for 1887=109.5 and for 1886=88"

Rosa is known to have left school in Brompton Regis on 18th January 1889. She would have been aged 12 at that time.

At the time of the 1891 census Rosa is still in Kingsbrompton, living with grandparents, William and Maria Sydenham. Rosa has a recorded occupation of Dressmaker - Apprentice.

The next known event in her life was her marriage to Charles William Gregory at St Catherine's Church, Pontypridd on December 26th 1894. At the time of their marriage both were living at 11, West Terrace, Trallwn, Pontypridd. Charles' occupation was given as "Collier" and his age 24. Rosa Maria was 19. Rosa's father John Gould was a witness at the wedding.

Rosa Maria's parents, John and Harriet Gould, are known to have separated at some stage and the evidence indicates that it could have been as early as 1895. There is a strong possibility that Rosa and Charles Gregory were responsible for caring for some (if not all) of Rosa's brothers and sisters during the years that followed the separation of their parents. The 1901 census suggests that this was true.

In the 1901 census Rosa Maria, husband Charles Gregory and their eldest son William are listed as living at 21, Mountain Ash Road, Abercynon. Sharing the house at that time were Rosa's father John Gould and brothers Ernest William and George Henry. Sister Lilian was also at the same address. Rosa's mother, Harriet and her three youngest sisters are not at the same address. (Harriet and her three youngest daughters are now known to have been living at an address in Canton, Cardiff at this time).

The 1901 census incorrectly records the ages (by as much as 17 years) and birth places of most of of the family at 21 Mountain Ash Road. A conclusive reason for this discrepancy has yet to be identified.

The children of Rosa Maria and Charles William Gregory:

William Charles

Dorothy Rose (Doris)

John (Jack)

Clifford Henry

Albert Ernest

Edith Eileen

Albert Ernest Gregory was baptised at St Donats Church, Abercynon on 10th January 1912 the family address was given as 20, Nash Street, Abercynon. Charles' occupation at this time was "Airway Man". (Evidence suggests that they were living at the Nash Street address in 1907 when Rosa's sister Louisa Jane was married and was living at that address).

Edith Eileen Gregory was baptised at St Donats Church, Abercynon on 24th June 1914. At that time the family home was 25, Aberdare Road, Abercynon. By this time Charles' occupation had changed to that of "Ambulance Officer".

The Aberdare Road address was to be the Gregory family home from 1914 onwards. In 1929 Charles was taken ill at work (at Abercynon Colliery) and was brought home where he died soon afterwards. He was buried at St. Cynon's Church near Abercynon. In 1939 Rosa moved to Jenkins Street, Abercynon where she lived with her daughter Eileen until her death.

Rosa Maria died on 17th January 1965, aged 88 and her ashes are buried in the rose gardens at Glyntaf Cemetery, Treforest.