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Tintagel Castle

A Typical Day on Board


5:30 Reveille sounds and out turn the soldiers and mess by mess, in prearranged order, they return their hammocks, neatly stowed to the hammock rooms. Then drill until breakfast.

7:30 Breakfast is commenced - Porridge and golden syrup, grilled fish / steak / bacon, bread & butter & coffee.

After breakfast, there is target practice off the stern by regiment, every man having to fire a rifle an allocated number of times at a target 200 yds astern. Others clean rifles and the sick attend hospital at 10:00.

10:30 the bugles sound and all who have no other duties, parade on deck. Down below, cleaning and scrubbing decks, tables etc whilst above, the engineer corps devote special attention to the wash houses and offices.

11:00 Colonel Darymple-hay and staff inspect the troop decks, hospital etc.

11:30 The disperse sounds. Every Friday afternoon, general inspection in full marching order

11:35 Bugle call "commence firing" which means the men can smoke. Out come the magnifying glasses to concentrate the suns rays on pipe or cigarette. Others used candles as no matches were allowed.

12:00 Dinner - Soup, mutton / Beef, vegetables, plum / rice pudding / figs / prunes. Followed by "lolls about"

2:00 Inoculations against entric fever available at the hospital, parade for the others. Then sports, boxing or amusements.

5:00 Tea - Cold meat, pickles, jam / canned fish, tea, bread and butter. Followed by relaxing time. Singing, games etc.

8:00 Supper - Bread, Cheese and Biscuits

9:30 Eight buglers sound 1st Post when all men have to retire

10:00 Last Post is heard

10:15 Lights out - any men found on deck after this time were punished with a fatigue drill